The Bloody Knuckle is a radically high energy laser cannon mounted on the Maridia.  Using the near limitless energy potential of the Dark-Energy Reactor, the Bloody Knuckle can fire a concentrated beam of pure energy at a target area, vaporizing the molecular structure of everything it touches.  Capable of destroying a small moon, the Bloody Knuckle is not without drawbacks.  The weapon, when fired for long periods of time, will generate heat in excess of 10,000 degrees Centigrade, making short duration, long delay shots a necessity.  A typical blast from the Bloody Knuckle lasts 3-5 seconds for a tactical role and 7-10 for an assault role.  The longest the Bloody Knuckle can safely be fired is 20 seconds before critical system failures can result, causing catastrophic damage to the weapon and possibly the Dark-Energy Reactor.

The Bloody Knuckle is able to impale enemy capital ships and overpower energy shields in frighteningly short order.