Fragmented Wars
Date September 2520 - November 2525
Place Corsair
Imperial Forces Separatists
Flag of Corsair Corsari Empire

Flag of Dragonia Dragonia

Blood Knights Blood Knights


Sovereignty Front Sovereignty Front

Black December Black December

Rhein Insurgency Rhein Insurgency

Commanders and Leaders
Imperial Commanders Separatist Commanders
Flag of Dragonia Grand-General Genesin Sas Halberd

Flag of Dragonia General James MacAllen

Flag of Dragonia Lieutenant General Serafini Kidder

Flag of Corsair President Norman Regal

Flag of Corsair General Freed-Rick Selbach

Flag of Corsair Generalleutnant Julia Helmann

Flag of Corsair Generalleutnant Ar-Mond Herschmann

Flag of Corsair Generalmajor Sabrina Bless

Flag of Corsair Car-Lah Blain (2523)

Flag of Corsair Kae-Rin Lieberman (2522)

Blood Knights Generalfeldmarschall NeoCrimson (POW)

Blood Knights General Rashall Von Regalia [†]

Blood Knights Generalleutnant Crimson (M.I.A.)

Sovereignty Front Commander Mercurio Surrender

Sovereignty Front Man-Feld Bohlen [†]

Black December Car-Lah Blain (2520-23)

Black December Kris-Tin Sarach Surrender

Rhein Insurgency Pankratz Glassman Executed

Rhein Insurgency Luther Markel [†]

Rhein Insurgency Kae-Rin Lieberman (2520-22)

Imperial Forces Blood Knights
11,250,000 Corsari Troops

3,200,000 Dragonian Troops

400 Main Battle Tanks

6400 Armored Vehicles

500 Fixed Wing Aircraft

150 Rotary Wing Aircraft

Space Assets:

3 Battlecruisers

2 Missile Frigates

4 Destroyers

6,000,000 Blood Knight Troops

3,500,000 Sovereignty Front Troops

Unknown Black December Troops

Unknown Rhein Insurgency Troops

125 Main Battle Tanks

3250 Armored Vehicles

130 Fixed Wing Aircraft

120 Rotary Wing Aircraft

Casualties and Losses
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The Fragmented Wars was a large-scale conflict that was comprised of a series of small to medium size engagements located on the planet of Corsair. The war was propagated by the Blood Knights, a military force that belonged to the then destroyed Dread Empire. Several smaller factions arose on Corsair at the time including the Sovereignty Front, the Rhein Insurgency and Black December. While the battles themselves were not enormous in the scheme of some battles in Corsari history, both sides did amass over 20 million troops between them. There was one noted instance of a nuclear weapon being used by the Blood Knights but to little actual effect. The Fragmented Wars were a direct precursor that set Corsair on the path to the much larger and much more devastating Corsari Conflict after a complete resurgence of the Dread Empire.

The Fragmented Wars were sparked by a populist movement of Corsari citizens who were displeased at the current state of the government and the path they were taking. The mix of citizens included average citizens, criminals, and those who supported the Monarchy that was dissolved in 2456. The movement was led primarily by Ultra-nationalists. The Blood Knights and the Sovereignty Front provided most of the manpower to the Separatist forces.