RGM-224D Stromausfall
Type Ship-launched Planetary Assault Munition (SPAM)
Service History
In Service 2635 
Used By Corsair Inter-Planetary Space Navy
Production History

General Dynamics Aero-Space Division

Unit Cost ~ 186 Billion Credits
Weight 44,500kg
Length 18.22 m


6.45 m
Warhead 2.25 Et W260 (9.4 XJ)
Detonation Mechanism

Air-Burst Timed Fuse / Proximity-Impact Fuse


Single-Stage Liquid Propellant

Operational Range 1,000,000 km
Guidance System Direct-Feed Satellite Imaging
Accuracy 50 m - 150 m

The RGM-224 Stromausfall, or Blackout in Corsari is a direct-attack missile developed using a Supernova Core instead of a typical Thermonuclear weapon.  The Stromausfall was built to handle atmospheric re-entry and to minimize time in the air before striking the target with terrifying force. The weapon itself is loaded only onto Capital flagships of a naval battlegroup. There are only two of these weapons loaded onto a capital ship at any given time.

The Stromausfall is loaded into an isolated and heavily protected launch tube made specifically for the missile.  It can only be launched under Directive 53.  The missile uses an Air-Burst Timed Fuse in order to maximize blast yield over an area where a direct attack wouldn't be possible.  The missile also has a proximity-impact fuse, which is the primary source of detonation as a direct impact would transfer an enormous amount of energy into the point of impact, usually causing catastrophic damage to the planet.  Because this missile is meant for direct planetary bombardment, it uses a satellite imaging system to program the target on a real-time image.  The missile has limited range outside of a direct-attack scenario.